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Siser HTV EasyWeed Electric 12" x 15" +/- SHEETS

Siser HTV EasyWeed Electric 12" x 15" +/- SHEETS

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EasyWeed™ Electric has a finish or pattern just for you! You've never seen a heat applied material like EasyWeed Electric - the colors are vibrant and have a pearlescent metallic sheen. EasyWeed™ Electric comes on a pressure-sensitive carrier - which makes cutting detailed designs and logos a breeze. EasyWeed™ Electric is durable wash after wash and maintains its bright color and brilliant finish. If you're looking to provide multi-color designs, EasyWeed™ Electric can be layered.
  • A metallic look with great washability
  • Adheres to 100% cotton, 100% uncoated polyester or cotton/poly blends
  • Peels hot or cold
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