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White Toner Laser Print - Frosty the Gnomeman

White Toner Laser Print - Frosty the Gnomeman

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Before placing an order please read the entire listing:

* Full Color Low Temp multi fabric- true full color range including white, multiple fabric and substrate application options including: cotton, polyester, fabric blends, paper, cardboard, book covers and leather. This choice is great for dark or cotton applications. These prints last a long time but if not properly cared for they can begin cracking.

*A heat press is required to apply the transfer. A home iron will not work.

We offer 2 sizes in prints 8.5x11 or 11x17 (you can put two 8.5x11 transfers on one sheet for this option.)  In the notes section at checkout please list any special instructions you may have regarding size. Feel free to call us at 205-289-4361 with any questions.  

Instructions for pressing:

Trim around the edge of the transfer to be sure no glue reside is left on the transfer.

Place transfer sheet print side down onto garment.  It is suggested you use heat resistant tape to secure the sheet to the garment.

Cover the transfer sheet with a Teflon sheet and press the garment using a heat press (not a Cricut Easy Press or iron) at 310 degrees F or 154 degrees C for 30 seconds with medium-high pressure.  If you are pressing on 100% polyester, reduce heat to 256 degrees F or 129 degrees C for 20 seconds.  These settings may need to be altered further if dye migration is a factor.  

---> NOTE: Each heat press is different. I recommend testing your press at different pressure/temperature/time settings to determine the best press for you as there are no returns or exchanges!

Remove the garment from the heat press and immediately lay flat.  Allow to cool at least 3-5 minutes.

Once the garment is COMPLETELY cooled, carefully peel away the transfer sheet in one smooth, continuous rolling motion.  Removal while still warm could lead to an incomplete or faulty transfer.  It is suggested that you start your pull from an area that has the most toner coverage.  The image will adhere to the garment.  Do not wait too long for this step (under one hour.)

Repress the image into the garment.  This step is very important for wash durability.  It is best to re-press the image for roughly 20 seconds at 310 degrees F or 154 degrees C.  Cover with the silicone paper provided by 4:19 on top of the image to finish.  If originally pressed at a different temp from above, repress with the same temperature.

Wait a few seconds before removing the silicone paper.  Pull slowly in one smooth, continuous motion.  It is important to wait before pulling the paper off otherwise it could pull the design off the garment.  While the garment is still on the press and still hot lightly stretch the material to allow the toner to soak into the fabric to prevent cracking.  Be sure you do not allow the print to touch itself until it is cool again as it may ruin the image.

Wash in cold water and lay flat or hang to dry.

Suggested Sizes:

Infant (5-6" at longest side)
Toddler (7-8" at longest side)
Youth (9-10" printed proportionate on 8.5x11" paper size)
Adult (8-11" printed proportionate on 8.5x11" paper size)
Adult larger sizes (12-15" printed proportionate on 11x17" paper size)

We will print more than one image on one 11x17 paper if requested.  In the notes section at checkout simply let us know if you want two of the same print or if you would like to add a different print.

Actual product colors MAY vary slightly from display photo due to device display capabilities and monitor settings. Every print is different and has different color variations, especially in the watercolor graphics. Please be aware of this before purchase as we DO NOT accept returns or exchanges for our products.

4:19 Vinyl, Blanks and Embroidery has found these instructions work best for us.  We will help with any questions.  These are suggestions for the best results. No refunds or exchanges due to the nature of the product.  Press at your own risk.

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